For best results in getting a spray tan, exfoliation is key.

Before the appointment,

  • Scrub the body to get off all of the old, dead layers of skin (within 24 hours PRIOR to appointment) as this will help the tan to go on more even and smooth. (We like the body scrub called St.Ives Apricot Scrub.) DO NOT USE BUTTER SCRUBS or MOISTURIZING SCRUBS i.e. scrubs containing honey, coconut oil or any oil.

  • Do not wear any MAKEUP, lotions, creams, perfumes or deodorants to appointment. These all act as "barriers" and WILL affect the outcome of the tan.

  • Wear loose dark clothing (like a wrap or dress) and cotton underwear. Underwear is optional, however, choose underwear (or old swimsuit) that you want the tan line of if you are wearing it during the appointment or bring a cotton underwear for after the appointment. Wearing tight-fitted clothes immediately after the appointment will remove the tan instantly. (These clothes can be worn after tan is washed off.)

  • Pin hair up and out of face. 


  • After desired time since application, rinse off tan in luke water. Leave water running on the full body until water runs clear. Using your hands, gently rub over body to remove any remnants of tan. For fast-acting tans it is especially important to remove all traces of tan to avoid over-tanning or “orange” colouring. Turning “orange” only happens when fast acting tan is left on for too long.

  • Moisturize daily with a light moisturizer for a lasting tan (approximately 7 days).



By day 7 of tan, parts of the body would have shed skin naturally and these areas would be lighter or the natural colour of skin. To remove the spray tan safely, soak in a tub or let water run over the body for several minutes. Use a hand towel (not a loofah) and gently rub tan off. Doing this before the full 7 days will only remove partial of the tan. People with drier skin types may have to wait longer than 7 days.