While it may not be the most pleasant skin care topic, it’s a very important one. Many of my clients have struggled with oily skin and large pores. Far too many of us can relate to having these horrible large pores- but very few of us actually know how to fix it! The truth is, it’s a much easier skin care issue to fix than you might think. However, before we delve into the solution, let’s talk a bit about why large pores and oily skin is so common.


Living in Barbados, we are exposed to a warmer and more humid climate. In this weather, it’s common for most of us to shower often because either it relieves that hot, sticky feeling or it cools us down. Because many of us shower often, we also cleanse our faces often. Over-cleansing is the #1 culprit of massive pores. This may sound contradictory, so let me explain.

Over-cleansing our face is dangerous because it strips away its natural oils. At night while we sleep, our skin rejuvenates, replenishes, restores, and retains a healthy balance of natural oils. So it is important to do a proper skin care routine before bed. But when we wake up and immediately cleanse our already clean face, those natural oils are stripped away. The body then responds to the lack of hydration by opening our pores larger and producing even more natural oils. This is because your body thinks it’s not producing enough natural oils since they are continuously being stripped away.


However, while you shouldn’t use a cleanser on your face in the morning, you should still use something: the Balancing Facial Toner.

Here’s why:

pH Balance

Keeping the right pH balance for your skin is incredibly important. When your pH balance is off, the pores open larger in attempt to release sebum (natural oils) for hydration. The average toner is designed to simply remove excess sebum, however, the Balancing Facial Toner helps to minimize pores while also balancing your skin’s pH levels. Unlike standard toners, the Balancing Toner isn’t made with alcohol, as that dries the skin out- which is detrimental!

Removes “dirt”

One of the main reasons why people cleanse their faces in the morning is because they have sweat. Most of us think our face is dirty, when there isn’t actually any dirt on it. And sweat isn’t dirt! If you cleanse in the morning- whether you’ve put in a gym sesh or not- you are still removing necessary natural oils. Instead, you can remove sweat and gunk by splashing your face several times with water and applying the Balancing Toner with a cotton pad.

This Balancing Facial Toner is an important part of your daily skin care routine because it helps to stop your skin from gaining large pores. If you truly want to get rid of large pores once and for all, it’s time to stop over-cleansing and start using the pH balancing, purifying Balancing Facial Toner.