Why Choose Kristyl Skincare Products?


Hi everyone, my name is Kristyl and I am a skin care fanatic! I created my own skin care line, Kristyl Skincare, a few years back after realizing that the skin care industry wasn’t tailored for Barbados living. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find high quality skin care products that met my precise needs - and I knew that others were, too. In Barbados, most skin care products are imported from Canada or the United States, which means that they aren’t suited for the Caribbean climate. My products are specifically designed for those living in tropical climates. They are lightweight, breathable, and extremely effective. If you’re interested in skin care, here’s some more information on why Kristyl Skincare stands out from other skin care brands:


Natural and organic

Oftentimes, the ingredients list on a skin care product is hard to read. This is because the products are packed with so many chemicals that you don’t actually know what you’re putting on your face. With Kristyl Skincare, I create my products using naturally-derived ingredients, which undergo minimal processing, and botanical plant-based ingredients like antioxidant-filled chamomile, lavender and green tea, which are antioxidants. Organic products are products that have ingredients that were once living. These are plant or animal-based materials that undergo some processing but do not contain man-made fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, or genetically modified organisms. Therefore they are free of parabens. Some of my products are also organic. ALL my products are have absolutely no animal by-products.


Kristyl Skincare products contain antioxidants for a plethora of reasons: they are antibacterial, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, firming, restoring, and they limit the production of free radicals. However, I use extracts of these ingredients rather than use them in their pure form because extracts are much more powerful. For example, by using green tea extract instead of green tea leaves, for example, the skin care product is even more powerful.

Personal skin care

Unfortunately, skin care is not one size fits all. Everyone’s skin type, needs, and sensitivities are different. At Kristyl Skincare, you can opt for a starter kit that suits your skin type. Additionally, I can use my skin care expertise to suggest products that I believe best suit your skin if you are unsure of what you need or can't find what you are looking for.

I believe wholeheartedly that there is no one miracle product that fixes any and every skin problem. As I’ve said before, everyone is different. However, there is a Kristyl Skincare product to suit everyone’s individual needs. Regardless of whether you struggle with acne, sun spots, aging skin, or any other skin problem, my products can be of assistance.